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There's a saying in India, Let me tell you.

जिसका काम उसी को साजे और करे तो डंडा बाजे – Hindi

It simply means that “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it“.

I can do my own taxes, It’s not a big deal but we do have Accountants right! They do them properly so instead of wasting my time, I will ask my accountant to do them for me….

Just like that My Accountant, Rohit is not an expert in designing websites. But I am, so he rather pays me for designing and maintaining his website…..well

As business owners, we do have money and time but our time values more than money, That’s the reason you should do what you are best in!

You need to focus on your business and delight the customers, It’s what you are best at!

Let me and my team take care of your website, It’s what we are best at!

WordPress Maintenance and Technical Support

  • 24/7 Technical Support + Update within 48 Hours.

  • We will make sure that the website is smooth and optimized at it's best.

  • Weekly Reporting which includes everything we did on the website with the reason why we did that in particular.

  • Daily Website Backups stored on the same server and an additional server so that if one crashes we have a backup to restore.

  • If there's anything wrong in the website, we are there to restore it within 24 Hours. Don't you worry we are there for you!



This is how we are going to help!

Let us make your life easier.


Content Posting

Provide us the content with images, we will keep the website up to date the content provided will be uploaded within 24 Hours.

Website Restoration

Website Restoration

If there’s any trouble in your website, Just drop a message we will keep it in check. We are there to keep your website up and live.


Weekly Reporting

Complete detailed reporting to what we did on your website and why we did that. We track visitors, uptime, performance, sales and everything you need.

Website Backup

Daily Backups

We take daily website backups and store it on the hosting server as well as our local server so that if there’s any trouble we keep it secure with us.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Need a few things tweaked on the site or install new software on it? We have you covered with technical support allowing you to be hands free from your website.

Technical Support and Maintenance Plan

Every Package shown below can be customized for the best of your Business.

Leave everything on us so you can focus on what matters for you.

The Minimum Requirements

Essentials For Website
$ 197 Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Technical Support
  • Content Upload (Within 24 Hours)
  • Monthly Reports

Let's Go Pro

The Best For Website
$ 447 Monthly
  • Everything In The Minimum Requirements
  • Exclusive Technical Support
  • Create Upto 1 Landing Page Every Month
  • Onpage SEO
  • Funnel Review
  • Zoom Meeting Twice A Month
  • Weekly Reports

Need a custom plan? Have multiple websites?
The above pricing is strictly for 1 WordPress Website but for owners with multiple websites we have discounts available! E-commerce sites are only covered with Let’s Go Pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

why is website maintenance important?

We do send our Cars for services right, Just like that our website needs to be up to date because outdated websites do not bring business.

what do we get in technical support?

Technical Support covers minor updates that help improve or fix the website. We post content for you, fix issues, and optimize pages. Things that aren’t covered are new custom pages, stores, and so on.



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